Our Values

Our Values

Values We Continuously Strive to Attain

World Leading Technology:

Continue to research and develop our world leading oxo-biodegradable TDPA® additive technology to enhance performance and applicability for the benefit of the world’s plastics manufacturers.

Highest Quality Standards:

Continue to strive to attain the highest standards of quality and quality control for EPI, its products, its customers, licensees and end users in the development, manufacture and application of TDPA® additives.

Licensee and Education Support:

Continue to develop outstanding sales, marketing, and technical support for our customers, licensees and end users, while educating our customers and consumers about the environmentally responsible oxo-biodegradable technology.

Sound Science and Research and Development Leadership:

Continue to maintain superior research, development and technical leadership in the degradable and biodegradable plastics industry supported by proven and sound scientific principles based on the expertise of some of the world’s foremost scientists.

Outstanding Technical Support:

Continue to develop and maintain outstanding technical support to customers, licensees and end-users.

Enhance Our Customers’ Brands:

Continue to build strong alliances and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, licensees and end users who are environmental leaders in their industries.