Our International Scientific Advisory Board

  • Joseph G. Gho (Chairman of ISAB)
  • Professor Norman Billingham
  • Professor Emo Chiellini
  • Professor Nikos Katsaros
  • Dr. Graham Swift
  • Dr. David M. Wiles

Professor Emo Chiellini

Professor Emo Chiellini, Italy, a consultant to EPI, is a former Professor of Fundaments of Chemical Technology (General Chemistry and Polymer Science & Technology), Faculty of Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy. At the present he is still acting free of charge as Director of the Laboratory of Bioactive Polymeric Materials for Biomedical & Environmental Applications of the Department of Chemistry & Industrial Chemistry of the University of Pisa.  He has 48 years experience in polymer science with a particular interest in biodegradable polymers and plastics. He has taught as a visiting scientist or professor at several universities or institutes during his career and has been involved in 45 industry funded research and development projects spanning a 30 year period with leading companies. He is a Fulbright Fellowship Awardee. Professor Chiellini has been involved with numerous European Community funded projects and thematic networks as well as with the 7th Frame program and  projects funded by the Italian Ministry of the Research and University . He has edited & co-edited 19 books in the field of polymers, and serves as a member of the editorial advisory board of a number of scientific journals. Professor Chiellini has published over 470 publications in the field of polymer science and technology, has 29 patents to his credit. He has attended over 200 national and international meetings and attended 60 conferences in national and international industries and scientific institutions by invitation. In addition, he has been actively involved in the organization of scientific meetings during his career, and is a member of a number of chemical societies and holds a number of representative positions, in particular, as it relates to degradable and bio/environmental polymers.