Research & Development

Research & Development

EPI’s in house R&D staff is comprised of professionals in the fields of chemical engineering, polymer science and microbiology. These competencies are further supplemented by relationships with several of the world’s leading authorities in the field of migration (in foods), biometrics, degradability and biodegradability of plastics who participate on EPI’s International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). These experts have done much of the definitive work in proving and qualifying the performance of plastics incorporating TDPA® additives and many of their studies are published in peer reviewed journals. EPI holds about 30 patents covering various aspects of the technology. The following are members of the ISAB:

  • Joseph G. Gho, Chairman & CEO, EPI (Chairman of ISAB)
  • Professor Norman Billingham, School of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Professor Katsaros, NCSR Demokritos, Greece
  • Dr. Graham Swift, GHS Polymer Consultants, USA
  • Dr. David Wiles, Plastichem Consulting, Canada

EPI’s research continues to develop novel additives, and optimize the performance of existing additive systems to extend the technology to other products.

As well EPI’s technical group develops and tests additive packages to meet specific customer requirements.

EPI recently opened a new production and R & D facility equipped with modern laboratory, pilot and manufacturing equipment. This unit has a capacity of manufacturing commercial orders of various additive blends and processing a variety of plastic products by extrusion. The laboratory includes equipment for accelerated aging and weathering of plastic products and analytical/testing equipment including FTIR (Infrared Spectrophotometer), mechanical characteristics measurement equipment, plastometers, impact testing equipment, etc. It can test the shelf/service life and the degradation rate performance of various plastic products using standard ASTM test methods.