Here are a selection of testimonials showing the satisfaction of our customers using EPI's Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA®) technology.

Ersan Arcan
General Manager
ATÜ (Turkey)
February 16, 2010


ATÜ is the biggest Duty Free Shops management company in Turkey. In addition to their shops in Turkey, they also own 49 shops in 4 different countries. ATÜ officially presented their oxo-biodegradable bags at the beginning of 2010.

“We are so sensitive about protecting our nature. In order to reduce the negative effects of the PE bags left to the nature, we decided to change our PE bags to oxo-biodegradable format. Glad to declare that this project is not limited with our shops in Turkey but is valid at our shops outside of Turkey.  We believe that our first step will be an inspring and good example for all the other companies having large amount of PE bag consumptions.” stated Mr. Ersan Arcan, General Manager of ATÜ.

Özgür Tort
General Manager
Migros (Turkey)
December 1, 2008

MIGROS , one of the biggest supermarket chains in Turkey has announced their new oxo-biodegradable carrier bag incorporating EPI’s TDPA™ additive. MIGROS is one of the  leading companies with its environmental friendly projects and again the first one in Turkey which has converted their PE bags to oxo-biodegradable format.

Mr.Özgür Tort, General Manager of Migros, has declared that this decision has opened the gates of a new period in Turkey in terms of awareness and supported immmensely by their  customers which has high environmental consciousness. “To protect the environment, we did not want to use other applications such as “selling the bags” but rather preferred the cooperation and willingness of our customers by re-using the bags in order to invest the future of our nature.”

Doug Parkinson
Sancell Pty Ltd (Australia)
April 3, 2007

Sancell introduced EPI technology to its range of Air Bubble Cushioning products 2 years ago to provide an Environmentally Friendly Packing option to our customers. Since our introduction to EPI we have had excellent support in developing our range to achieve the balance of providing a product which did not compromise in performance as a Protective Packaging and achieve our expectations in its environmental impact.

We have been able to offer our customers excellent support data provided by EPI to satisfy the skeptics, along with test results demonstrating the effectiveness of the EPI additive. The EPI additive has been very easy to process with no adjustment to our production equipment. Sancell has experienced a significant increase in sales since the introduction of the EPI range and is now viewed as the clear option for Environmentally Friendly Protective Packaging in the Australian Market.

Press Release

Cascades (Canada)
March 15, 2007

Cascades officially launches Bioxo™, the first product line of containers made from totally oxo-degradable polystyrene foam. Manufactured by Cascades, Bioxo™ are designed to degrade within three years, unlike traditional polystyrene foam containers which require several hundred years to degrade. Bioxo™ containers will take up considerably less space in landfill sites.

“We are extremely proud to introduce this major innovation in response to wishes expressed so often by consumers and the agri-food industry,” stated Mario Plourde, President and CEO of Cascades Specialty Products Group (SPG). “Bioxo™ is the culmination of extensive research, a lengthy development process and exhaustive testing to confirm the product’s performance.”